Founded by Jake Lincoln and Dave Morgan, Coastal Tax Advisors’ is based on three principles, not centered on what we do, or how we do it, but why we believe we do it.

  1. We believe that people who have a vision for what you want out of life should be able to work with a CPA that can play a significant role in that vision.
  2. We believe that we have the right blend of experience to solve a wide variety of challenges, enabling us to see beyond the scope of a traditional CPA firm.
  3. We believe that relationships built on authenticity, longevity, and trust builds a foundation for decisive and pivotal success.

It’s these three core values that we work by in our business that enables us to become confidants that are more than just trusted advisors, but also, partners in the journey of our client’s success. We know that some of you are not able to use our services due to location, so it will be best for you to do a search for ‘cpas near me‘ to achieve the results that you want.


Background Experience:

Before launching Coastal Tax Advisors with business partner Dave Morgan, Jake founded Lincoln Tax & Wealth after he had worked for two prominent San Diego CPA firms. Dissatisfied with lack of customer service the big tax companies provide, Jake branched formed his own practice in 2010 to provide a better experience.

As a professional California Certified Public Accountant, Jake is a member of the Strategic Trusted Advisors Roundtable (STAR), the San Diego Renewable Energy Society, & the Business Executives Council.

Jake has come to be known by the nickname “Jake of all Trades” because of his expertise across several disciplines of business.

Jake graduated with both his Bachelor of science in accountancy and master of accountancy from the University of Arizona.

Personal Life:
Jake is a proud husband and father of two. He enjoys playing tennis, wine tasting, and is a home audio enthusiast. His motivation for behind becoming a CPA is his passion for helping others find solutions to their financial challenges.


Background Experience:

Previous to Coastal Tax Advisors, Dave Morgan spent just over 8 years working for a large tax planning and advisory firm. In 2003, he left the firm to become the CFO of a mid-market landscaping venture and consulted independently.

Four years later in 2007, he founded Dave Morgan CPA and then merged firms with Lincoln Tax and Wealth in 2014 to launch Coastal Tax Advisors.

Dave has a competitive nature aimed at always making sure his clients come out on top.


Dave graduated from the University of San Diego with his bachelor of accountancy. He was licensed as a CPA in 1998.

Personal Life:

Dave is a proud husband and enjoys the company of his two dogs & three birds. He also loves training Brazilian jiu-jitsu, fishing, and fancies himself as an epicurean and wine & spirits connoisseur.