Article Highlights:

  • Prior Law Deduction
  • Deduction Repealed
  • Military Exception
  • Employer Reimbursement
  • Reimbursement Gross Up

Prior to the passage of tax reform, individuals who moved as the result of a job change or job relocation (and was likely in need of services like CarsRelo to help them achieve this) could deduct their unreimbursed moving expenses if the driving distance from their home to the new job location was at least 50 miles more than the driving distance from home to the old job location. It’s more than likely that the individual moving home will require a moving service to help them ferry their belongings between the properties and just make the entire process a simpler one for them. If they are moving petty far from the state they are currently in, they may want to try this type of trucking transport to help ferry important and large items. There was also a requirement that the individual work in the new location for a specified minimum period of time after the move.

Unfortunately, tax reform effectively repealed that deduction after 2017, except for members of the Armed Forces on active duty who move pursuant to a military order. On top of that, if an employer reimburses the employee for the expenses-whether by paying a moving van company, airline, or other vendors directly, or by reimbursing the employee for their moving expenses-the reimbursement will be treated as taxable wages subject to withholding of income, Medicare, and Social Security taxes. When moving, you may also want to check on your home warranty, click here to learn more about this policy, so that you know you are covered on other bases personally as well as professionally.

If a move is required by an employer, there is a possible workaround by having the employer include enough in the reimbursement to cover the taxes the employee will incur as a result of the reimbursement. This is commonly referred to as gross-up, and the additional amount paid to cover the taxes is also taxable. Thus, the additional tax must be recomputed several times in order to determine the exact reimbursement.

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