Disabled Taxpayer Tax Benefits

Article Highlights:   Increased Standard Deduction Tax-Exempt Income Impairment-Related Work Expenses Financially Disabled Earned Income Tax Credit Child or Dependent Care Credit Special Medical Deductions Qualified Medicaid Waiver Payments ABLE Accounts Taxpayers with disabilities may qualify for a number of tax credits and other tax benefits. Parents of children with disabilities may also qualify. Listed [...]

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A Breakdown of the Proposed IRS 1040

Article Highlights:   The New Draft 1040 Form Comparing the Old and New 1040 Forms The Same Two-Page Length Six Additional Schedules Other Income Adjustments to Income Additional Taxes Nonrefundable Credits Other Taxes Other Payments and Refundable Credits Foreign Addresses and Third-Party Designees New Pass-Through Deduction Remember the IRS’s promise about being able to file [...]

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Did You Pay Too Much Tax in Prior Years?

Article Highlights   Overlooking Tax Benefits Last Three Years Can Be Amended Sampling of Commonly Overlooked Benefits Professional Review Have you been preparing your own returns? If not, did you have someone prepare it who didn’t take the time to query you about possible tax deductions, credits or filing status options? If you answered either [...]

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How Some High-Income Taxpayers Can Maximize the New 20% Pass-through Business Deduction

Article Highlights:   20% Sec. 199A Pass-through Deduction Specified Service Business Limitations Taxable Income Limitations Wage Limitations Benefits of Being Organized as an S Corporation Taxpayers with higher 1040 taxable incomes who are self-employed but are not “specified service businesses” may find it beneficial to structure new businesses, or restructure an existing business, as an [...]

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Clergy Tax Benefits Under Fire

Article Highlights:   Parsonage Allowance Income Tax Exclusion Pending Court Case Tax Reform Suspension of Employee Business Expenses Self-Employment Tax Section 107 of the Internal Revenue Code provides that a minister of the gospel’s gross income doesn’t include the rental value of a home (parsonage) provided; if the home itself isn’t provided, a rental allowance [...]

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A Mid-Year Tax Checkup May Be Appropriate

Article Highlights: Concerns About Proper Withholding Late IRS W-4 and Withholding Tables New W-4 Complications Self-employed Estimated Payments Events That Can Impact Taxes Taxes are similar to vehicles, in that they sometimes need a check-up to make sure they are performing as expected. That is especially true for 2018, with all of the changes brought [...]

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Big Changes for Vehicle Tax Deductions

Article Highlights:   Standard Mileage Rates Actual Expense Method Vehicle Depreciation Vehicle Interest Expenses Sale or Trade-in of a Business Vehicle Employees In the past, the business use of a vehicle was determined either by using the standard mileage rate for business or using actual expenses plus vehicle depreciation limited by the luxury auto caps. [...]

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Is an Inheritance Taxable?

Article Highlights: Estate Tax Estate Tax Exemption Fair Market Value at Date of Death Step-up in Basis Community Property Deferred Untaxed Income A frequent question is whether inheritances are taxable. This is a frequently misunderstood question related to taxation and can be complicated. When someone passes away, all of their assets will be subject to [...]

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Taxation of Legal Settlements or Awards

Article Highlights: Physical Injury and Physical Sickness Wrongful Death Emotional Distress Previously Deducted Medical Expenses Employment Discrimination Age Discrimination Unpaid or Disputed Employment Earnings Interest Settlements Legal Costs The tax treatment of awards received as the result of a lawsuit could result in taxable or non-taxable income, depending upon a number of issues. The laws [...]

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Procrastinating on Filing Your Taxes?

Highlights: Late filing penalties Interest Three-year statute of limitations Forfeited refunds If you have been procrastinating about filing your 2017 tax return or have not filed other prior year returns, you should consider the consequences, including the penalties, interest, and aggressive enforcement actions. Plus, if you have a refund coming for a prior you may [...]

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