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Tax Reform Dealt Teachers a Raw Deal

Article Highlights:   $250 Above-the-Line Teachers’ Deduction Eligibility for the $250 Deduction Tax Benefit Deduction Option Charitable Option It is quite common for teachers to spend their own money on classroom supplies – so common, in fact, that a few years back, Congress created a special deduction that allowed teachers to deduct up to $250 [...]

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Rejoice – Business Meals Are Still Deductible

Article Highlights:   Ban on Deducting Entertainment Expenses Business Meals Mixed Entertainment and Meals Substantiation Requirements Disallowed Employee Business Expenses If you are a business owner who is accustomed to treating clients to sporting events, golf getaways, concerts and the like, you were no doubt saddened by the part of the tax reform that passed [...]

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Making Two IRA Rollovers in One Year Can Be Costly

Article Highlights:   One Rollover per Year Rule Exceptions Tax Consequences Disqualified Rollover Early Withdrawal Penalty Tax law permits you to take a distribution from your IRA account, and as long as you return the distribution to your IRA within 60 days, there are no tax ramifications. However, many taxpayers overlook that you are only [...]

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Will You Get a Refund or Owe for 2018?

Article Highlights: Tax Reform Form W-4 Withholding Refund or Tax Due As a result of tax reform, most taxpayers will be paying less tax for 2018 than they did in 2017. But that may not translate into a larger refund. Your refund is the amount that your pre-payments (withheld income tax, estimated tax payments, and [...]

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