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Tips To Keep Your Business Afloat During COVID-19

COVID-19 has had an unprecedented impact on all aspects of American businesses, but perhaps none have been as severely affected as small business owners. Surviving this disaster will require more than just time: you will need to take a pragmatic view of what has happened and what steps you are willing and able to take [...]

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Your PPP Loan Forgiveness Will Probably Be Less Than Anticipated

Article Highlights: Paycheck Protection ProgramLoan TermsLoan AmountLoan ForgivenessReduction in PayDecrease in EmployeesQualified Expenses LimitationDocumenting Forgiveness Now that you have gotten a Paycheck Protection Program loan (PPPL), it is time to start planning how to spend the loan proceeds so some portion of the loan will be forgiven. As the loan title implies, the purpose of [...]

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Not All PPP “Forgivable” Loans Will be Forgiving

In the face of the global pandemic and the subsequent economic crisis it has spurred, the federal government has taken several steps to protect small business owners. One of the most notable of these steps is the offering of Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) loans, which are being trumpeted as forgivable loans. Though the loans are indeed [...]

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Delaying Payment of Old Tax Bills Is A Big Mistake

You know that long list of ways that the coronavirus has affected our lives? Well, here’s another one. The Internal Revenue Service has completely flipped a switch on its priorities, and it is not even looking at paper tax returns that are being sent to it. The idea of all those envelopes piling up somewhere [...]

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