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Electric Vehicle Credit on the Decline

Article Highlights: Tax CreditCredit Phase-OutTeslaGeneral MotorsDetermining the CreditOff-Road Vehicles and Golf Carts             Allocation Between Business and Personal UseCredit Reduces BasisBusiness Standard Mileage Back in 2009 Congress created a tax credit for the purchase of electric vehicles as a stimulus for car companies to manufacture “green” vehicles and as an incentive for consumers to purchase electric [...]

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Gift Tax Treatment of Tuition Plans

Article Highlights: Purpose of Qualified Tuition PlansGift Tax ImplicationsSpecial Five-Year ElectionChange of BeneficiaryEligible ExpensesDirect Payment of Tuition Qualified tuition plans (QTPs) provide a means for family members and others to save for the future educational needs of children. Investment earnings within a QTP account are tax deferred and not taxable when withdrawn if used to [...]

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What is an IRS Penalty Abatement and Am I Eligible for One?

There are different types of IRS penalties that can be assessed against you. The most common penalties include those for failing to file a tax return, filing your return late, or accuracy-related penalties if you didn’t correctly state items on your tax return. But were you aware that sometimes, the IRS can issue penalty abatements [...]

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What to Do If You Receive a Dreaded IRS Letter

Article Highlights: • IRS Notices • CP Series Notice • Automated Notices • Frequent Errors • ID Theft • What You Should Do • What We Will Do Now that most tax refunds are deposited directly into taxpayers’ bank accounts, the dream of opening your mailbox and finding an IRS refund is all but gone. [...]

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Tax Tips for IRA Owners

Article Highlights: Early WithdrawalsExcess ContributionsMultiple RolloversNo Traditional IRA Contributions in the Year Reaching age 70½Failing to Take a Required Minimum Distribution (RMD)Late ContributionsSwitch the Type of IRABackdoor Roth IRAAlimony as CompensationSpousal IRASaver’s CreditIRA-to-Charity Direct Transfers There are both opportunities and pitfalls for IRA owners, and while you definitely don’t want to get caught up in [...]

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