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5 Reasons to Amend a Previously Filed Tax Return

The most recent data from the IRS on individual tax returns indicates that of 131 million returns filed, about 5 million were expected to be amended. This comes to less than 4 percent, but that projection still affects a significant number of taxpayers. Filing an amended tax return can be a hassle that you definitely want [...]

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Tax Reform Enables Deferral of Taxable Gains Into Investments in Opportunity Zones

Article Highlights: Tax Cuts and Jobs Act Reinvested Gains Enhanced Basis Qualified Opportunity Funds Partnerships Qualified Opportunity Zones   Those who have a large taxable gain from the sale of a stock, asset, or business and who would like to defer that gain with the possibility of excluding some of it from taxation should investigate [...]

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Medical Insurance and Taxes

Article Highlights   Uninsured Penalty Employer Plans Health Reimbursement Plans Self-Employed Health Insurance Deduction Itemized Deductions Deductible Medical Insurance The Affordable Care Act (ACA) imposed significant penalties on taxpayers and their families who do not have ACA-compliant health insurance. Even though the tax reform removed these penalties after 2018, they still apply for this year [...]

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