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Driving For Uber Or Others? Your Tax Situation Is Unique

Article Highlights: 1099-K Schedule C Uber and Credit Card Fees Record Keeping Vehicle Expense Options Home Office Other Options With tax time approaching, if you drive for Uber, Lyft or a competitor, here is some tax information related to reporting your income. You are considered self-employed and will report your income and deductible expenses on [...]

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1099 Filing Date Just Around the Corner

Article Highlights:   Independent Contractors 1099 Filing Requirement Due Dates Penalties Form W-9 and 1099 Worksheet If you operate a business and engage the services of an individual (independent contractor) other than one who meets the definition of an employee, and you pay him or her $600 or more for the calendar year, you are [...]

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Tax Time Has Arrived! Are You Ready?

Article Highlights:   It is time to gather your information for your tax appointment Choosing your alternatives Tips for pulling your information together   If you’re like most taxpayers, you find yourself with an ominous stack of “homework” around TAX TIME! Pulling together the records for your tax appointment is never easy, but the effort [...]

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Divorced, Separated, Married or Widowed? Unpleasant Surprises May Await You at Tax Time

Article Highlights: Separated Taxpayers Divorced Taxpayers Recently Married Taxpayers Widowed Taxpayers Filing Status Joint and Several Liability Who Claims the Children Alimony Community Property States Affordable Care Act Taxpayers are frequently blindsided when their filing status changes because of a life event such as marriage, divorce, separation or the death of a spouse. These occasions [...]

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